$50 / 1 hour lesson - school horse or trailer-in

$45 / 1 hour lesson - IPF Boarders


At the discretion of  the instructor, semi-private lessons may be an option if two students are of similar skill. 

$40 / 1 hour lesson - school horse or trailer-in (per person)

$35 / 1 hour lesson - IPF Boarders (per person)


Maximum of 4 riders in a group lesson and 4 private lessons are required prior to participation in a group lesson for safety and learning. 

$35 / 1 hour lesson -  school horse or trailer-in (per person)

$30 / 1 hour lesson - IPF Boarders (per person)

Cancellation Policy

A $25 cancellation fee will be applied for

any lessons not cancelled at least 12 hours

in advance.  Cancellations should be done

by calling or texting the instructor.

Kathleen Walsh (KC)  KC was born into an Army family.  The first half of  her riding career was spent mostly overseas.  She started riding when she was three years old in Paris, France.  The next duty station was Germany, which focused her riding more on Gymkhana (gymnastics on horse) as the riding norm for her age. Her riding education continued through various duty stations until she landed in Italy.  While in Naples, her focus changed to showjumping. At ten, she was bitten by the OTTB bug when she got her first horse, a 2 year old off-the-track Italian Thoroughbred stallion named Topaz.  Topaz taught her everything she would ever need to know about how to stay on a horse!  She and Topaz competed on the international jumper circuit until she moved back to the United States in 2000.  Once back in the USA she played around in the Hunter Jumper world until she found her niche in Eventing.  Since then, she has trained and participated in clinics with top level trainers to include Kim Severson, Phyllis Dawson, Melissa Hunsberger and Phillip Dutton.   She maintained a Training Level show horse for Eventing while picking up a few sales project horses along the way and earned her BS in Psychology from ODU.  In 2009 she moved to California and placed Eventing on hold.  While in Monterey, she studied Dressage under Patience Prine-Carr, the only Gold Medal Arabia Trainer on the West Coast.  Before moving back to Virginia, she earned her Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  With her degree and newfound respect for Dressage, she headed home to Virginia where she has been riding, training and teaching the love, passion and respect for all equine disciplines. 

Brittany Carden Brittany has had a well-rounded career in the horse industry. She started riding at age 7 at her aunt and uncle's farm in Americus, Georgia. Although military dependency uprooted her frequently, Brittany found herself back in Georgia every summer to improve her skills. When she was 12 years old she landed at Oceana Stables in Virginia Beach, Va, and devoted her time to the adrenaline pumping world of Eventing, all while continuing her annual horse trips to Georgia. At Oceana, Brittany came across an opportunity to lease her first horse, Classy, but it was the next lease, Cheyenne, that truly helped Brittany's show career take off. She was able to compete through Novice Level on the East Coast, and eventually landed an instructor position at Oceana. After high school Brittany moved to Maryland to be a working student at Bascule Farm under the tutelage of Dick and Julie Hagen, with her trusted OTTB mount, Russet. While in their care, Brittany learned the ins and outs of retraining OTTBs and starting youngsters. She took advantage of every learning opportunity that came her way and often groomed for Advanced Rider, Natalie Hollis. Eventually Brittany moved back to the Virginia Beach area and decided to shift her focus to dressage. She started her newfound passion as a working student for Betty Bryant, Bronze Dressage Medalist. Under Betty's watchful eye, Brittany's perspective shifted as she gained a stronger understanding of truly listening to what horses communicate through their majestic movement and behavior. It was there at Fair Winds Farm that Brittany's passion for translating communication between horse and rider flourished. She continues to share her respect and admiration for dressage with her students daily. Above all else, Brittany's aim with each lesson is for both horse and rider to enjoy their time together and work towards a mutually beneficial relationship. When Brittany is not teaching, she herself enjoys learning from the best. She has engaged with many clinicians to include Anna Stoval, Emily Staadecker, Phillis Dawson, Melissa Hunsberger, Gavin Moylan, Jeremy Beale, Stacy Pattinson, and Kerry Blackmer. 

Kaitlin Slimak has been riding horses for over 20 years.  She has spent many seasons fox hunting (in first field and assistant whipper-in) and has produced her own horse through the intermediate level of eventing.  Kaitlin has had the opportunity to train with a wide mix of top event and dressage trainers on the east coast.  She spent three years as a working student at several top facilities, allowing her to see behind the scenes at what it takes to make an upper level event horse.  With her horse, Free Admission, she has completed over 30 preliminaries throughout Area II as well as showing up to Second Level in USDF dressage.  Her specialty lies in helping green horse and rider pairs whether through training rides or lessons.  As a self-funded individual she is understanding of the reality of creating a program that suits your lifestyle.  For additional information about Kaitlin, visit https://slimakequestrian.com  

Emily Holekamp  is a graduate "A" from the United States Pony Club.  She grew up on her parents' Trakehner breeding farm in Missouri, mostly catch riding homebread sale horses and competing them in Dressage, Eventing and Jumpers in the Midwest.  She Evented at the Preliminary level for a couple seasons and has competed through 2nd Level Dressage. Since moving to Virginia Beach 7 years ago, Emily has been active in the Cape Henry Pony Club as a local examiner and instructor.  She has been teaching riding lessons, primarily focused on Eventing/Dressage, since the early 2000's.  For the past several years, she has had her Trakehner mare, Sassafras, in Virginia with her. She now boards Sassy at Indian Point and is excited to be a part-time instructor in the lesson program offered at this great facility!